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Chives vs Green Onions, that is a question of taste.  Even though they are of the same family, one is feminine than the other.  One, the chive, reminds me of a solid plant that grows many hairs.

You can keep cutting the greens as they grow, and as long as you water and nurture them, they will continue to supply you with a light almost onion flavor that is prim and proper when added to soups, salads, and on top of baked potatoes.

Green Onions on the other hand, are more masculine.  They can have a nice strong flavor that adds much to the baked potato, soups and salads.  Not only that, when you go out to the garden, you pull those long green Organic Onions out of the ground with your bare hands!

No need for shears or clippers, I really enjoy getting my hands dirty!  The treasure of what you will pull up out of the ground is an adventure in taste and texture.  With a green onion, I can pull it up out of the ground, pull the outer layer of the green onion off and then bite the end off.

The taste of the fresh onion strong on my tongue, I get to take bite after tasteful bite of one of the Creators best vegetables ever created!  I get to hold it in my hand, starting with the white mild end of the green onion, and work my way down to the spicier green ends that give me that slight burn in my taste buds.

Now the chives on the other hand just do not give me the same chewy goodness of the more substantial Green onion.  They have the light taste that only gives me a hint of oniony flavor that I seem to crave when I want to add a flavor to my dishes.

Heather, my wife, she likes the chives better.  She thinks that the green flavor of the chives is stronger than the green onion.  I disagree, because they are so small, you have to add much more of those tiny little stems to even come close to the flavor of just One green onion.

She likes the chives because of their small size and that they are easy to chew.  I like to take big bites of a green onion and taste both the white and green portions together to delight in what has been created.  She likes the lighter mellow taste of just a few of the chives little green taste.

Now do not get me wrong,  Chives are ok for their purposes, If you like the small new potatoes that are picked early, or the potatoes that you harvest that are small, chives are good for quick meals that you want to consume when entertaining small children.

So my point of view on chives vs green onions is that  green onions are the way to go.  If you want to enjoy the flavor of a vegetable that will stick with you for a while,  choose the Green Onion!

As the song from the 70’s went :  “Chive Talking”  what the heck did that mean anyway?

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  • nonWal

    This is ridiculous. Since when are plants masculine or feminine? It’s not like they have blue or pink bows attached. You can talk about their texture and flavor differences without claiming the one you don’t like is too girly.