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Are Plant stands really just functional art?  As I look around it seems as if every store that my wife and I go into lately there is more stuff to purchase.

Believe me when I tell you, these plant stands really have improved not only the free space in our home, they really have enhanced the “Feel” of our indoor garden.  One of the most important areas of our life is being able to provide an atmosphere of Peace and Joy for my wife and I whenever we get some time in the house.  When we work together outside and are done for the day, it is so enjoyable to just sit in the quiet with the plants and their elegant stands that enhance the beauty of the foliage.

There are a myriad of styles and types of plant stands, what you enjoy, and your décor will tell you what is “yours”.  If you like the feel and look of wood, you can use dimensional lumber for your plant stands.  There are plant stands that look like they were made for the railroad.  We have even seen plant stands made from the branches of trees woven together with a nook made specifically for a certain size and type of plant to flourish in.

Metal plant stands come in too numerous ways to tell you about, but as you can see that is the style that we like.  The Metal offsets the feel and look of the wood floors and brings a “solid” feel to the home.  We also have baskets, Pots, bookshelves and tables and desks that house and keep our plants off of the floor.

Besides, who do you know that just throws a bunch of dirt on the floor and plants a plant?  Not many people, but it does make it easy to sweep the dirt into a pile.  You do not even have to have a dust pan anymore!

Just kidding,  But I do remember as a kid, that keeping the porch clean was easy as we made a game of seeing who could get the most dirt into the potted plant three stairs down on the front of the porch!  No wonder it took us three or four hours to get that chore done!

You have probably also seen concrete and brick Plant stands also.  Heather wants you to remember that the older ceramic pots for plants may have been painted with lead, and must be treated to protect the plant from being poisoned.  The other items to treat is also metal and concrete for planting.  You do not want the rust or the chemicals from those items leeching into your plants soil and doing harm to your plants.


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Do you have any tips that you use for your decorative plant stands?  We would love to see what your most elaborate plant stand is!  I have seen manure spreaders filled with dirt, and of course compost, and then planted with a mobile garden of flowers and some other greens.

The most bizarre plant stand I have seen, in pictures only, is the one of a bus in New York city on top of a bus!  What a great idea!  At harvest time, you can get a fresh snack on your way on or off the bus if you can reach the low hanging fruit!

Looking forward to your comments and suggestions to all of us who enjoy the fruits and vegetables of this world!


  • Great suggestions Chris! And Heather’s suggestion about the the lead that may be in the older pots.