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ARE YOU SURE THAT YOUR FOOD IS SAFE? explains what Listeria is, how you get it and the treatment for it.  The best cure, is again being pro-active and preventing  the possibility of contracting the disease.  People with risk factors such as an altered or depressed immune response (for example, pregnant females and their fetus or newborn, cancer patients, AIDS patients) are at higher risk for getting the disease and some are more likely to have more severe disease.

How do you know that you may have Listeria?  Listeriosis is usually diagnosed by discovering that a person was associated with an outbreak of Listeria-contaminated food or fluid, or identified as a person associated with the source of a known listeriosis outbreak. Definitive diagnosis is done when Listeria bacteria are isolated from the patient’s blood, cerebral spinal fluid, or other body fluid, according to

They also go on to explain that most normal people spontaneously clear the infection and require no treatment. In contrast, people with risk factors should be treated quickly with IV antibiotics.

Listeria bacteria are widespread throughout the world and are frequently associated with farm animals that infrequently show no signs of infection. Research shows that many animals are uninfected carriers; in addition, they suggest that about 5%-10% of all humans carry these organisms as part of the human bowel flora. About 2,500 infections are diagnosed per year in the U.S. with about 500 deaths per year. Except for pregnant females and their fetus or newborn, there is no direct transfer of Listeria from human to human.  The most common listeria treatment is a combination of ampicilan and gentamicin, two antibiotics which can kill the bacteria responsible for a listeria infection. In addition to antibiotic treatment, the patient will usually be monitored for signs of complications. The success of the treatment depends on when it is provided, and the patient’s health.

Ecological Gardening and caretaking or your environment is the best way to minimize your risks of getting these types of diseases.

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