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I have heard many definitions of Permaculture Gardening, What is it really? The encyclopedic definitions are as follows, so that you can get what Webster thought it was.

Permaculture Gardening to me indicates a balance in the ecosystem that includes all aspects of that environment to form a balanced and healthy, culture capable of sustaining itself with or without the need for outside influences or resources.

Webster Dictionary Online states this as the definition.

noun \ˈpər-mə-ˌkəl-chər\
Definition of PERMACULTURE
: an agricultural system or method that seeks to integrate human activity with natural surroundings so as to create highly efficient self-sustaining ecosystems.

However, I have seen definitions which state that permaculture can also mean that in some circles that the land or culture can be used for profit or subsistence for the good of the farmer or community.

I agree with the Webster definition only, and I still do not believe that it is a complete definition.
For this type of “Permanent Culture” or Permaculture Gardening to be permanent, there needs to be a personal study of your surroundings.

What things do you like to grow? What produce or vegetables or berries can grow with self-seeding efficiency? If you take an inventory of the Life of your Dreams, what does it look like?
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What items do you need to have a Permaculture Gardening lifestyle?

1. Land that is secure from outside contamination.

2. Clean potable water that is recycled either by nature, or can be recycled by the land with some help from the caretaker.

3. Food that can and does re-seed itself, and grows without too much interference from the Caretaker.

4. Organic Compost to replenish the garden beds.

5. Natural Foraging foods to supplement the Permaculture Gardening.

6. A home that fits in with the environment and adds value to your surroundings.

7. Equipment that does not pollute, but reduces your workload so that you can enjoy your Life.

8. Relationship with the animals and insects on the land.

9. Relationships with your friends/family and visitors that builds up your life’s Dream.

10. But one of the most important relationships will be the ability to hear ,see, smell, taste and sense the changes in the permaculture gardening lifestyle as it continues on its’ own life circle.

Just as we discussed in an earlier post about composting and worms, there is also a circle of life, growth, death and then regeneration in a complete permaculture environment. It is not always easy to spot, but it is there.

That is the relationship that is handed down from generation to generation to continue to carry on the Permanent Culture that is possible with long term planning, caring and loving the lives that you take care of if you choose to build a permaculture gardening lifestyle.

If you had the history of the life of the land you live on now, how it has been used and cared for or not, you can discover how to restore it to its’ most healthy state. You may also create the Life of your dreams through working with your environment rather than just attempting to conquer it.
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So a quick guide of what you want to decide when choosing the land for the Life of Your Dreams is this:

• What does your home provide for you
• What food do you need to be healthy and happy
• Do you have clean water for you and your plants/animals
• How do you recycle so that there is no waste, just compost
• See your life complete in your vision
• Smell the smells of your vision
• Taste the tastes of the food in your vision
• Feel the textures and emotions of your vision
I know that this is a lot to think about, but looking at the finished product of your dream life will tell you if Permaculture Gardening is for you or not.

I would love to hear what your Life Dreams consist of, and ask for you to send us pictures of what you have created and your long term plans! We will share more with you about our Dream Life Plans in future posts.

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Turning Your Dreams Into The Life of Your Dreams
~ Chris Downs The Caretaker