Welcome to hisfarm.org

We help build sustainable farms/estates that grow healthy food for yourself and others. Whether you are an experienced farmer or  just starting out  we can help you with the following:


We help growers with:

  • Growing successful plants  based on your growing environment.
  • Choose the right farming equipment based on your budget and needs.
  • Retiring to a healthy, enjoyable and sustainable life.
  • Identify the differences between growing healthy food and unhealthy food.
  • Produce food that is not contaminated with pesticides.
  • Find healthy land to grow food and live abundantly
  • Set up off-the-grid power systems, including  solar panels and their associated equipment like batteries, power inverters, and building generators.
  • Get clean water for your needs, water testing and filtration if needed.
  • Natural solutions for pest control, instead of using pesticides or destroying the natural environment.
  • Help choosing and caring for livestock.
  • Help building up and balancing your soil.


Our Team


Chris Downs

In 1968, I started working with animals and on farms.  I learned animal husbandry from a Veterinarian.  He hired me to take care of his horses, falcons and dogs.  I learned how to ride horses by the “Trial and Error” method.  In other words, I was shown how to put the saddle and bridle on then told to “have fun”!


He taught me how to build a relationship with animals and understand how they communicate.  This helped me to manage the horses I would take care of later in my life.  As a thoroughbred breeding farm manager and caretaker,  I took care of 25 horses daily.  I also maintained the acreage and the equipment. While on that farm, I was able to help our new neighbors start and build their first garden.  A horse farm has plenty of manure to share.

Being an Estate Caretaker

My wife and I have managed a couple of high end RV Parks that was part of an estate for a wealthy family.  The park came complete with a petting zoo and pony rides for children.  The park offered private cabins, secluded parking sites, heated swimming pools as well as a fishing stream on the property.  A paradise in the Cascade Mountains for those willing to pay for the amenities.

From the RV Park, we were hired to manage the south end home owners association of Blakely Island.  This secluded private island was recommended by a friend who had left the Resort company.  The duties included a water treatment facility, working with Seattle Pacific University to study and maintain the pristine lake.  We provided security, home maintenance, fire protection, land management, fire mitigation as well as transportation.

Blakely Island (2)

Blakely Island

We had our own 2 story log home hewed from the logs on the island with a view of Rosario Straits.  Our shop allowed us to work on the tractors, tillers and other power equipment necessary to manage over 4 miles of roads and over 1000+ Square miles of land to maintain.

We started a community garden that produced food and flowers.  We went to town across Rosario straits 4 mile waterway in a 22 foot Boston Whaler.  The families were a joy to work with and the life was secluded but enjoyable.

Farming in the High Desert of Colorado

In 2013, we have started building a large greenhouse on the high desert of Colorado.  I met a man who wanted to build a farm, but had no experience.  He came from Florida, as a commodity trader and technical support for large phone systems.  He had spent many years in Colorado in the food industry.  He worked mostly in the affluent ski areas of the Colorado high mountains.

He asked if we would be willing to help him find the land, build the farm and share in the life that he wanted to build.  It is a great way to live.  Building a farm from scratch with a clean slate.

Why I started Hisfarm.org

I started this website thinking I would leave a legacy for my wife.  I had been working in a startup company, doing research and development, shipping and receiving and learning new skills.  The job was enjoyable, challenging and I was working with my brother.  We had great hope for the future.  Then, I had a heart attack that was mis-diagnosed.  For 2 weeks I went to work, kept feeling more and more ill, until one night I could no longer lay down due to the extreme pressure and pain in my chest.

Finally I went to the ER and was rushed to surgery.  But the damage was done. I had only 23 to 27%  left of my heart function. Over the next few years, I did not get better.  Even with a pacemaker, I was told to get my affairs in order and wait for a heart transplant or death.

Who knew how long I would live?  I did not know.  I do know that God, our Creator was not done with me yet.

A couple of months after getting out of the Hospital

Chris DL Pic 5-2011 (2)

I wanted Heather, my wife, to be able to have a business that she could run when I went home. She has worked in health food stores, studied herbology as well as other herbs and health foods for years. We had just been too busy to take proper care of ourselves.

I had grown up eating healthy and working on farms, so It was time to take my health back. Heather was reconnecting with growing healing herbs and spices. Our garden is producing food rich in nutrients to help our bodies heal. My health improved as did Heathers’. We became “The Place to Go to” by our friends and neighbors. Sharing our expertise and of course good produce. Hisfarm.org was born to share the lessons we learned about food with others. I also wanted to share what I learned and know about equipment, soil and water with others. Saving you from the mistakes as well as sharing the wisdom of my mentors growing up.

3 months after starting to eat healthier. I feel a lot better.


3 months after starting to eat healthier.  I felt a lot better.

Now, after one year of eating organic food, no meat and exercising, I have gone from 27% heart function to over 46% function of my heart! No need for a heart transplant.

Heather Downs

My wife Heather grew up in California picking fruit and helping with the family garden from an early age. That’s Heather and our dog in the picture below.

Together we have over 60 years worth of experience in farming, gardening and caretaking both humans and animals.

Heather worked with her parents in their gardens growing up. Where she learned how to grow food that would feed her entire family. She also picked fruit in large California fields. Strawberries, raspberries as well as other produce for extra money needed for the families survival.

Not always the easiest work, but she enjoyed being outside digging in the dirt! A pleasure that she still relishes today. Preparing the soil, planting, weeding and of course harvesting and eating. Growing a healthier life through an enjoyable exercise program where you get to eat your rewards.

Chris and Heather on Blakely Island

My Business Partner and Friend David Jeters

David started out by helping us build our website, providing help with computers and internet technology. As our friendship and relationship continues to grow, so does his knowledge and passion for living a healthy sustainable life.

Now, as time has past, he has become interested in growing food. So from never having grown any food in the past, he is growing some of his own food. He is now growing lettuce, tomatoes, and hot peppers with hydroponics as well as in soil. His mother steals his healthy tomato plants for her garden as she enjoys watching them grow!


What to do Next

If you need some planning, or consulting on farming, growing, or other land management issues you can fill out our contact form   and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Usually that is within 24-48 hours, although Chris lives at an off-grid location and can’t always get an internet connection.

Also make sure to sign up for our newsletter to get your free copy of “The Beginners Guide to Small Scale Farming”.  You will also receive answers to your questions as well as be able to read what others are asking about and sharing.   You will be able to keep in touch with us as we share our experiences as we build a 40 acre homestead, small scale farm, at 8,800 feet elevation in Park County, Colorado. Come watch the progress!

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  • I have enjoyed reading this page Chris and learning more about your life. God is not done with you yet indeed and with your focus and love of nature You will impact a whole lot more lives, we all need to learn how to find healthy, organically grown food and keep our temples clean. Thank you for sharing and caring.

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