What Organic Pest Control Options Do I have?

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I recently got asked this question: “what organic pest control options do I have for aphids?  Aphids  are a herd of food providers for the ants.  Some ants go out of their way to ensure the health and wellbeing of the aphids.  Similar to a herd of dairy cattle for the ants. The aphids eat… Read more »

How Does Hope Affect Sustainable Living During a Drought?

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How does Hope affect sustainable living during a drought?   You have hope, that is why I am here also. I read this quote by Siebold:  Self-made millionaires get rich because they’re willing to bet on themselves and project their dreams, goals and ideas into an unknown future. Wealth is based upon the individuals own perception…. Read more »

Sustainable Living Storage for Harvested Crops

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Fall Season, Time to Prepare Sustainable Living Storage for your Harvest of fresh organic gardening bounty. Harvest can be seen in the Garden and in the Fields. The time is getting closer and now we prepare for that harvest as well as storage of the fruits of your labor. As with any fruits and vegetables,… Read more »

Sustainable Living and the Life Cycle of Growth

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I have heard many different stories of lack and fear of the future because of that fear. Look at these questions and answer for yourself what you think: Will the Sun rise in the morning? Will there be air to breath? Will you have food to eat? Will you have water to drink? Will you… Read more »