How to Live the Life You Want -Really

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When you decided on the life you wanted to live, did you plan for it, or did it just happen? For me, I excelled in working with horses and on farms when I was in Jr. High and High School. I was content.

Do You Still Use Bent Nails?

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When I built my first barn,starting at age 15, we used bent nails. My brothers, sister and I would have to straighten the nails to use them

Keeping Electrical Power at 30 Below Zero

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The generator started and for 40 minutes ran great! At the 40 minute mark, the generator started running rough. I got dressed warmly, and went out and shut the generator down. It was actually a lot warmer, it was up to 15 below zero! Yeah! The batteries were well charged, We have Power, for now.

Trapped in Your Own Business?

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The dream of owning your own business brings to mind time and financial freedom.  Built properly, your business fulfills that dream.  But your business could also become a nightmare of being “owned” by a self-purchased job. I know the nightmare.  I have created a Just Over Broke (JOB) when I purchased an existing business before…. Read more »