Why can’t I seem to get my horse to come to me?

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You know what it is like, you buy a horse, take great care to ensure it has everything that it needs to be healthy, but the horse still refuses to come to you. So there you are, running around the paddock to corner the horse so you can “catch” it to go for a ride and ‘enjoy ” the western experience.

I use to feel overwhelmed about my New Organic Farm!

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Once primarily focused on beef cattle Women Farmers have diversified their farm operations over the past two decades to include horses, aquaculture, and fur-bearing animals. Add to this the Organic Gardens both Urban and Rural, Women Farmers are a growing community of business entrepreneurs!

Aquaponic Systems, Are they for you?

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Aquaponics is an innovative production method that does not require the fertilizers, costs or labor associated with in-ground gardening. Farm in a Box Aquaponics tells this story by re-creating natural ecosystems between plants, plants and friendly bacteria to produce delicious

Listeria, Is your Food as Safe as you thought?

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Medicine.net explains what Listeria is, how you get it and the treatment for it. The best cure, is again being pro-active and preventing the possibility of contracting the disease. People with risk factors such as an altered or depressed immune are