Meeting Neighbors Auctions

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Have you gone to a local farm or equipment auction lately? We were at my first auction on over 2 decades. An auction in a rural area is completely different than what I remembered during my younger days. We ended up meeting neighbors and saving money.

Nutrition: One part of Nurturing Life

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What is my understanding of Nutrition?   When most of us read or talk about nutrition, we just talk about our food diet.  But nurturing is complete nutrition.   The online Merrium-Webster dictionary shares this definition of nurture: Training, Upbringing Something that Nourishes The sum of the environmental factors influencing the behavior and traits expressed by… Read more »

How to Build a Generator

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How to Build a Generator will give you an understanding of how to build one as well as how they work so you can maintain and repair it. Great for emergencies as well as working in remote areas.

Homesteading Today

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Homesteading today has different challenges than in the 1800’s. However, technology has made it easy to get confused about what information to believe and still grow nutrient rich and Healthy food. Food that not only provides nutrition but also protects the Earth we live on.