Buying a Used Farming Tractor

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  Now that we have our 40 acres, we are looking at the best tools that will help us build the farm.  Since we are growing in a cold environment, we are going to build a greenhouse first.  Our greenhouse will be built in the ground with the south facing wall being made of greenhouse… Read more »

How We Chose to Buy Farmland

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How we chose to buy farmland was based on price, quality and availability of water. Price was a major factor as we are “Bootstrapping” our move once again.

Organic Hydroponic Gardening Creates Great Nutrition

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Organic Hydroponic Gardening can create great nutrition. The only difference between organic hydroponics and regular hydroponics is what you choose to feed your plants. This page will cover some organic feeding options for hydroponics systems. I will also talk about water. Clean pure water is important as part of an organic growing garden. Whether it is hydroponic, Aquaponic or growing in organic soil

Marketing for Small Scale Farming Success

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Just as the smoke brings confusion and uncertainty, the marketing of today brings about confusion. There appears to be so much “smoky”
marketing, to know what is healthy and beneficial is clouded by hype and
splashy headlines.