Hydroponics, The Answer to Thriving During Drought?

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Hydroponics, is it the answer to thriving during drought?  Many farmers say yes. Here in Colorado, as well as Texas and other states we have gone through a long drought.  I had the opportunity to speak with Johnathon Wood from Majestic Hydrogardening this last weekend.   Meet Johnathon Wood Johnathon has been involved with hydroponics… Read more »

Super bowl Commercial God Made a Farmer

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The commercial: God Made a Farmer speaks of many things that a Farmer is and does.  A farmer grows food, works long hours and puts in more hours in the first 3 days of the week than most people do all week-long.  And that includes if they work during the weekend. Although it did not… Read more »

Compost or Profitable Herb, the Dandelion

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What do you think about the Dandelion?  Is it just compost or is it a herb or vegetable that can be profitable? If you are looking to have the perfect golf course style lawn, it is a weed.  Poisons, pulling, burning or whatever means that you can find to get rid of this pesty plant… Read more »

Spices and Herbs: One Leg of Profitable Farming

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I read an article by the Huffington Post  about local food.  One of the best foods to grow are spices and herbs.   They stated that: “A new U.S. Department of Agriculture report says sales of “local foods,” whether sold direct to consumers at farmers markets or through intermediaries such as grocers or restaurants, amounted… Read more »