Sustainability goes Mainstream in Palm Springs, California!

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The City of Palm Springs California has taken the leap into making their lives and the lives of its community Sustainable!   Congratulations to them for taking action on making this a better planet to live on! We have all heard the saying “Think Global, Act Local”!  They have even added a section called: “Your Sustainable… Read more »

Small Scale Farming and Water Rights

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Small scale farming is reliant upon water rights.  Without water, it will be impossible to grow your crops, animals or even survive yourself. There is a growing trend to privatize water rights.  Generally in favor of larger corporations.  Some states the water is owned by the state.   There is a great Explanation of Who Owns… Read more »

Sustainable Gardening, How to Plan for Success

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Planning properly will keep you from buying useless  tools bring you higher yields and better quality food/products to keep your garden sustainable. Sustainable Gardening is part of Sustainable Living: Sustainable Living Sustainable living is the way of growing food and products that works with nature to produce more while wasting less. It is a long… Read more »

How do I Troubleshoot Gardening Equipment?

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I keep getting this same question about troubleshooting garden equipment.  Whether large or smaller motorized or electrical equipment, I have found a simple way to troubleshoot gardening equipment. So I have come up with an acronym that I have been using for decades.  It is S.O.A.R, or Seek, Observe, Act and Reap.   Whenever I have… Read more »

Water Filtration Systems: Taste and Odor Removal

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You move into a brand-new house.  Go to the faucet and turn on the water.  The water looks dirty and smells like a bottle of chlorine filled with dirt. What do you do? City water has to meet certain standards. As the water sits in the lines, it can grow bacteria. That is where a… Read more »