How Can I Use a Garden Tractor?

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In this article, you are going to learn what a garden tractor can be used for, and why it will help lower your work load and keep you safer. A Garden Tractor is more than just a riding lawn mower. A garden tractor has the ability to operate attachments for: Digging Plowing snow Blowing snow… Read more »

How to Grow Green Manure

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Green manure is another name for cover crops and most organic farmers grow green manure for the following reasons. Organic pest control Organic weed control Erosion prevention Disease prevention Adding nutrients to the soil. So for this article, imagine that you live in dry climate and want to enrich your soil. Since you are organic… Read more »

Lowering Living Expenses with Organic Farming

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Can you lower your living expenses with organic farming? That is a great question. In California, they are working to legislate proper food labeling, due to modified food products being used in processed foods. This will raise the cost of foods in the stores, as well as put some companies out of business. Lawyers will… Read more »

GMO Food Verses Organic Food

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I have been reading and studying about the debate on GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) food versus Organic Food.  I have to share this Story that shows the outcome looked for with GMO is specifically for a 15 to 20% increase in flesh to sell.  That story was originally published by National Geographic. Food Concerns There… Read more »

Turning Manure into Profitable Compost?

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What Bedding Material is Best for Horse Stalls and Composting? I started working with horses in 1968, and we always looked at what works best for horse stalls as the material composts.  It can be a mess to choose what to use, and how to make it pay in compost, as bedding can be expensive…. Read more »