Land is the basis for having either a profitable and sustainable farm or a disaster.

Knowing what your land needs for your chosen crop is critical. Whether plants or animals, careful research is important.

Price, condition of the land, zoning, water availability and location combined with a myriad of other resources are important.

The more you know, the better for your sustainability and profitability.


Hydroponics includes not only growing without soil, it can also include raising fish in an aquaponics tank, using the tank water to fertilize the grow beds. Hydroponics is a great way to conserve water and resources once you have mastered the basics.

It is a fairly simple system to learn and earn money for your family and farm.Better control of your environment and a healthier organic nutrient dense food is waiting for you with hydroponics. Read the stories in this category to learn if this might be the right solution for your farm.


Water is the elixir of life. Without water, neither you nor your crops or farm animals will thrive or survive. Water rights, water quality, water pollution are just a few of the items to be aware of.

Take the time to read these articles to find our more. If you do not see what you were looking for, leave a comment at the bottom of a post so that we can help you find the answer.


Plants are the main focus of our farm. Nutrient dense food grown organically to provide the vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed for a complete, healthy diet.

We believe in using natural ways without chemicals to grow our produce. More and more people are demanding healthy nutritious food. A great way to grow your client base is to sell them what they want and need.


Raising animals on a farm or gardening site is another way to increase your healthy food and income. Eggs, meat, manure, wool and many other products come from farm animals.

This category will provide you with lots of information about animals and profits from them.

Growing up, I learned animal husbandry by working for a veterinarian who loved to share his knowledge. It was also beneficial for his animals that I was interested in and consumed by animal health.

Farm Equipment

Farm equipment consists from hand tools to tractors, hutches to houses and barns. Every tool or resource you may need are written about or will be shared in this category.

You can laugh at how we built a backhoe tractor one repair at a time, or share your own experience with others by sharing in the comment section!

All in all, equipment is one of my favorite sections to write about. Farm equipment is a great way to save time and money.