Organic Hydroponic Gardening Creates Great Nutrition

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Organic Hydroponic Gardening can create great nutrition. The only difference between organic hydroponics and regular hydroponics is what you choose to feed your plants. This page will cover some organic feeding options for hydroponics systems. I will also talk about water. Clean pure water is important as part of an organic growing garden. Whether it is hydroponic, Aquaponic or growing in organic soil

The Shocking Truth About Food Shortages

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We have seen the news stories about food shortages. The shocking truth about food shortages is even documented by the news. Video footage of young children with bloated stomachs that are barely alive. Mothers and fathers asking for help from whoever will listen and help. Drought and famine seems to be growing in the news.

Homemade Hydroponics Drip Irrigation System

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I did not use to think of a drip system as being a hydroponics system. I have discovered that due to the recent droughts that homemade hydroponics drip systems are increasing in popularity. They work great for food and flower growth. Once the drip system is installed, watering can be automated.