The Shocking Truth About Food Shortages

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We have seen the news stories about food shortages. The shocking truth about food shortages is even documented by the news. Video footage of young children with bloated stomachs that are barely alive. Mothers and fathers asking for help from whoever will listen and help. Drought and famine seems to be growing in the news.

What is the Life Cycle of Aquaponics?

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What is the Life Cycle of Aquaponics?  That is a great question. There is a basic formula for the life cycle of aquaponics. You have a fish tank, can be small or large. You need the correct amount of fish You will need a grow bed for your plants A water pump An oxygenator for… Read more »


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In cold climates, with aquaponics?  In cold weather, even some commercial greenhouses go into hibernation for the winter.  Here are some challenges to overcome” How do I keep the greenhouse warm enough to grow vegetation? How large of a tank do I need to keep the greenhouse warm enough? Do I use a tank heater… Read more »

Researching to Add Commercial Aquaponics Business to Your Farm?

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Are you researching to add commercial aquaponics business to your farm?  There is a lot of information to be discovered that eventually even brings about more questions.  Who do you talk to?  Where do you go without spending days, weeks months or years deciding if this is the answer for you? I was recently in… Read more »