Keeping Electrical Power at 30 Below Zero

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The generator started and for 40 minutes ran great! At the 40 minute mark, the generator started running rough. I got dressed warmly, and went out and shut the generator down. It was actually a lot warmer, it was up to 15 below zero! Yeah! The batteries were well charged, We have Power, for now.

Meeting Neighbors Auctions

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Have you gone to a local farm or equipment auction lately? We were at my first auction on over 2 decades. An auction in a rural area is completely different than what I remembered during my younger days. We ended up meeting neighbors and saving money.

Buying a Used Farming Tractor

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  Now that we have our 40 acres, we are looking at the best tools that will help us build the farm.  Since we are growing in a cold environment, we are going to build a greenhouse first.  Our greenhouse will be built in the ground with the south facing wall being made of greenhouse… Read more »

Why Would You Want To Use Old Farm Equipment?

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You can use old farm equipment an alternative to buying brand-new equipment that can cost you thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars depending upon the size and scope of the equipment when it does, cost and efficiency is a very important consideration. I remember the first tractor that we bought. We had been looking… Read more »