How to Live the Life You Want -Really

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When you decided on the life you wanted to live, did you plan for it, or did it just happen? For me, I excelled in working with horses and on farms when I was in Jr. High and High School. I was content.

Keeping Electrical Power at 30 Below Zero

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The generator started and for 40 minutes ran great! At the 40 minute mark, the generator started running rough. I got dressed warmly, and went out and shut the generator down. It was actually a lot warmer, it was up to 15 below zero! Yeah! The batteries were well charged, We have Power, for now.

Homesteading Today

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Homesteading today has different challenges than in the 1800’s. However, technology has made it easy to get confused about what information to believe and still grow nutrient rich and Healthy food. Food that not only provides nutrition but also protects the Earth we live on.

Homesteading: Preparing to live an abundant Life

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Homesteading brings to mind visions of an abundant life full of nature, animals, family, and many new friends and neighbors. A simple life that also challenges your ability to adapt, observe nature and learn how to live in an environment full of challenges.

Sustainable Homes and Permaculture Principles

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Sustainable Homes and permaculture principles go hand in hand. As many people are looking to sustainability and the environment for a more peaceful life, Permaculture (permanent culture) principles simplify the creation of a sustainable home.