What Are The Benefits Of Organic Farming?

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Maybe you are wondering about the benefits of organic farming or better yet, what is “organic?” Technically, organic refers to the way farmers grow and process foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products and meat. I use to just buy food in cans from the grocery store, and from the non-organic cheapest produce. I… Read more »

How do I get the land to farm? Do I purchase or Lease?

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What drives me to have such a strong desire to want, no “NEED” to farm? Have you felt that way? I feel so strongly about this quest, but I want to be sure that I plan the farm to not only be profitable, but also fun!

How do I Start an Organic Farm on my Own?

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I wanted to start my own Organic Farm, But How do I do it on my own? I wanted to make sure that I could make an income, and afford to lease or purchase enough land to succeed at what I was doing! Since I have worked in the Health Care industry as an Insurance Billing and Coding Manager, I knew I had the ability to work with people.