What Do I Look For When Buying Undeveloped Land

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When you go looking at undeveloped land there are some things that you need to be thinking about that you do not have to take in to account when buying a house. TRUST me….We had to learn this ourselves and having this knowledge sooner would have helped sooooo… Here are the key things that you… Read more »

Small Scale Farming: How Do I Get Started?

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Are you tired of the rat race and you wonder how can I get started with small scale farming? More and more people are looking to get away from their high pressure jobs, and they fantasize about living the life of small scale farming.  They can experience the joy of waking up in the morning,… Read more »

How do I get the land to farm? Do I purchase or Lease?

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What drives me to have such a strong desire to want, no “NEED” to farm? Have you felt that way? I feel so strongly about this quest, but I want to be sure that I plan the farm to not only be profitable, but also fun!