Hydroponics, The Answer to Thriving During Drought?

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Hydroponics, is it the answer to thriving during drought?  Many farmers say yes. Here in Colorado, as well as Texas and other states we have gone through a long drought.  I had the opportunity to speak with Johnathon Wood from Majestic Hydrogardening this last weekend.   Meet Johnathon Wood Johnathon has been involved with hydroponics… Read more »

Sustainable Gardening, How to Plan for Success

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Planning properly will keep you from buying useless  tools bring you higher yields and better quality food/products to keep your garden sustainable. Sustainable Gardening is part of Sustainable Living: Sustainable Living Sustainable living is the way of growing food and products that works with nature to produce more while wasting less. It is a long… Read more »

What is The Secret to Sustainable Gardening?

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What is the Secret to sustainable gardening?  I understand that I can grow my own food, sell some of my excess to friends and relatives while eating healthier. That is true to a point, you will have some challenges to prevail over, as well as a learning curve.  But let’s look at the question that… Read more »

Why is Sustainable Gardening So Popular?

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Sustainable Gardening is popular because it is a basic life-supporting system; It covers the Air/Water/Soil and everything that is a part of the environment. There has been a disconnect between us as humans and the world we live in. We need healthy soil, water, air and food (fuel). Most people do not even know how… Read more »