Water Filtration Systems: Taste and Odor Removal

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You move into a brand-new house.  Go to the faucet and turn on the water.  The water looks dirty and smells like a bottle of chlorine filled with dirt. What do you do? City water has to meet certain standards. As the water sits in the lines, it can grow bacteria. That is where a… Read more »

How Do I Grow My Ghost Pepper Successfully?

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“How do I grow my ghost pepper successfully?  My business partner David, received a Ghost Pepper plant as a gift, and asked me that question. The plant was given as a start, and had about 4 or 5 inches of growth so starting the plant was not a concern.  He lives in southern California where… Read more »

Water Filtration Systems For Hydroponic Growing

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How do I choose applicable water filtration systems for hydroponics growing?  Let’s take a look at the water that is normally supplied by your municipality if that is where you get your water for your growing system.   Depending upon the source water quality in your area, you may have one or all of these… Read more »

Water Filtration Systems:Reverse Osmosis

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Water Filtration Systems   Have you ever researched different water filtration systems, just to be more confused when you were done?  It can be confusing, especially with all of the “we are the best” marketing  solutions thrown at you. You have heard of RO systems, but what are they? Are they expensive I heard they… Read more »

What Are The Basics Of Water Filtration Systems?

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My friend David asked me “What are the basics of Water Filtration Systems”?  That is a  great question, especially since we are so dependent upon water for life. Download Audio Watch On Youtube Do you ever fear tasting the water when you go to a restaurant, and it tastes terrible? Do you add lemon and… Read more »