What Do I Look For When Buying Undeveloped Land

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When you go looking at undeveloped land there are some things that you need to be thinking about that you do not have to take in to account when buying a house. TRUST me….We had to learn this ourselves and having this knowledge sooner would have helped sooooo… Here are the key things that you… Read more »

How do I Start an Organic Farm on my Own?

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I wanted to start my own Organic Farm, But How do I do it on my own? I wanted to make sure that I could make an income, and afford to lease or purchase enough land to succeed at what I was doing! Since I have worked in the Health Care industry as an Insurance Billing and Coding Manager, I knew I had the ability to work with people.

I use to feel overwhelmed about my New Organic Farm!

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Once primarily focused on beef cattle Women Farmers have diversified their farm operations over the past two decades to include horses, aquaculture, and fur-bearing animals. Add to this the Organic Gardens both Urban and Rural, Women Farmers are a growing community of business entrepreneurs!